Notice of cancellations and or modifications requests must be submitted in writing to: turbocabs@gmail.com Cancellation of Reservations must be made no less than 3 hours in advance prior to the pick-up time and date. If a party fails to cancel a reservation within the 3-hours period, a cancellation fee may apply Cancellation charges are assessed on total fares, and any other additional services arranged through Turbo Cab Taxi & Car Services

Gratuities/Tips:It is habitual to extend gratuities/tips to the driver for their services. Tip amount is a personal matter and completely up to the passenger.

Extra Stop:
Extra Stop wait time is $9.50 each 15-minute increment $45.00 Hourly after the first 15-minutes.

It’s your responsibility to ensure your children are properly restrained in the taxi. Florida law requires children 5 and under to be in seat belts or child seats. Children 3 and under must be in child seats. We recommend bringing your own as you know it is regulation. car seats are considered as a child safety equipment not part of your luggage with most major airlines

NONSMOKING POLICY:Smoking is not permitted at any time in a Turbo Cab Vehicle. For your comfort and enjoyment, our Taxi cabs are designated as non-smoking. This policy includes all forms of smoking, including but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes), tobacco pipes and personal vaporizers.

No Shows:
The passenger(s) not present when the turbo cab driver arrives for a scheduled pickup, and the passenger(s) cannot be located within three (3) minutes driver will be advised by dispatch of a No Show and proceed on with their route. Passenger(s) calls to cancel a ride less than 10 mins prior to their scheduled pickup time or cancels the ride at the door when the driver arrives. The passenger(s) Not having the required fare for the ride.

Consequences of a No Show:
Turbo Cab Taxi and Car Services reserves the right to refuse service at the next request for any “no-shows”. Locations Or Phone number on file. No Shows will result in a suspension of service for that address and phone number without a credit card on file